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Thursday, April 7, 2016

9 tools to spread your youtube videos on the web

aumente-YouTube-Views-exibicoesHello everybody, in this post, I put some good tools to promote your videos from your YouTube channel. Today it has 4 million views total video, some of them help me or helped me to reach this number. To see what I'm talking visit and take a look at the number of views. Only in some videos I use this kind of tool because my channel has so many videos today that I could not use at all the videos even if I wanted. To follow the result I use quite a few simple videos. Some of my videos has more than 400 thousand views. And all of them are quite simple, so even need a tool that helps to increase the number of views, I will leave here an example of a video that is on my channel and already well utilized these types of tools to help increase the number of views.


Well, but I'm not here to talk about my channel and my videos but the tools. The first, on which I will talk about is the FollowLike site.


imageO The site works with a kind of coins, but rest assured that the service is free too. Interacting with other platforms of other users you accumulate coins that can be spent on a campaign that you do. This includes YouTube views, comments and likes. In addition to YouTube you can popularize your page or profile on other social networks also like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more. I'm using at the moment and I'm enjoying particularly because it is helping me a lot.

System: F-o-l-l-o-w-L-i-k-e

Platform: Multiple

Licence: Free with paid options

T-u-b-e - A-s-s-i-s-t
Tube-Assist-LogoThis site works with video sharing, helping you to make a really difficult task and takes a lot of time on YouTube: sharing video. Your random sending system sends your videos to multiple user with care not to send back to the same user during the activity. A great tool for those who do not have much time to stay at the computer sharing video with other users. With the basic license, the system shares a video up to four thousand times in a month. This number may increase up to ten times depending on the used license. In addition to sharing videos has other automated tasks that this tool can also do such as: Send a message to users who commented on a particular video for example, add users to your Google+ circles, comment directly on other YouTube user channel and more
System: T-u-b-e-A-s-s-i-s-t
Platform: YouTube
Licence: Paid
For more information about this tool CLICK HERE


imageThe LikesPlanet is also multiplatform, very similar to Followlike. In addition to spreading your YouTube videos on the internet, you may also disclose your page or profile of various other social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and so on ... To see the rest of the networks you can use, make your register and meet the platform. I'm pretty sure you will sympathize with the system interface

System: LikesPlanet

Platforma: Multiple

Licence: Free with paid options

Link: LikesPlanet 


It is a so-called Traffic Exchange platform, working with credits. To earn these credits you need to view links that belong to other users, but without leaving the system. Each time you view a website, blog, video or channel, you earn credits. With credits in your account you can set up your website, blog, or in this case the link of your video so that others can view to also earn credits. When these people visit your link their credit decrease, and your link is displayed adding thus a view to your video. The Buxept is also a tool that allows you to make money with it. For viewing the ads you get tenths of cents or five cents depending on the ad viewed. Another thing you can do also is to convert the points you earn seeing these ads in dollars, which can be transferred to your PayPal account. If you want more details on these and other additional features I recommend you do the registration and explore the tool.


tube-toolbox-logoSimilar to TubeAssist, with the difference to have more resources and automated task options. The system does not run in the browser because it is a software you have to download and install on your computer. The major drawback of this system is that you need to leave your computer on while he performs the task. To test the software you need to pay $ 2. The period is one week since the license costs just over $ 9 per month more activation you only pay the first month, which is $ 19 dollars.
System: TubeToolBox
Platform: YouTube
Licence: Paid


imageThis one works with minutes. When you subscribe you get 100 minutes for free to start promoting your video or your channel. Click Add New Website and enter the url of your video or your channel if you want to promote your channel instead of a video only. Every time someone visits your link, the minutes of this one are being discounted. To earn more minutes you need to download an application and install it on your computer. Through this application you view the links from other users, so you will accumulate more minutes that can be used to generate traffic for you then. Unfortunately for accumulating minutes, your computer must be connected because the links are displayed by the software that you install on your computer and not through a browser.

System: HitLeap

Platform: YouTube

Licence: Free with paid options

Link: HitLeap is not a proper tool to spread channels or YouTube videos, but you can advertise, for example, a post from your blog that has a video of you, so getting an "indirect" advert. Put simply, you embed your video on your blog, then picks up the blog post link and disseminates with Adfly. So when Internet users enter the posting he will click on the video. Depending on the type of publication you want to do the Adf.Ly can perfectly suit your needs. The downside is that (although cheap) you need to pay to promote your link. 5000 are views for $ 5 US dollars, that is, starting with a campaign this value you will get your article with your video or channel, shown on the screen for 5000 times for 5 seconds. Hence the user will choose whether to enter your article or not. If you choose to make an announcement with you need to put a very attractive miniature, and to arouse the user's curiosity when he sees your ad. For thus will have a good chance they click on your ad. Recalling further that the ad impression does not mean a view more in your video, to add one view, the user needs to click on your ad which will be redirected to your article, when reading the article will most likely click on the video play thus adding another viewing on your video
Platform: Multiple
Licença: Paid
Link: Adf.Fy 


imageBesides being a multi-platform system like Followlike also serves as an SEO optimizer (search engine optmization), as many of them mentioned here, that is, for those who have blogs or websites and want to take a leveraged in pageviews, I also recommend, this system, which includes the free service. The linkCollider is very similar to AddMeFast, Followlike, LikesPlanet, YouLikeHits. To visit the site look for the link below.
System: LinkCollider
Platform: Multiplate
Licence: Free with paid options
Link: LinkCollider 
Similar to FollowLike, the Add Me Fast is the most popular of the category and works in the same style FollowLike, YouLikeHits, LikesPlanet, LinkCollider and extinct LikeEx. In addition to YouTube, it works with several other social media like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, SoundCloud. Several options for you that you want to release your profile or even a job as music, if any of the SoundCloud platform. So register now and start earning points to publicize your work.
System: AddmeFast
Platform: Multiple
Licence: Free with paid options
Link: AddMeFast

Adwords for videos
Google's own, allows a disclosure so that you upload to YouTube. But prepare the pocket because this really is for bourgeois. Widely used by large companies to promote a brand or product. Because the price is little used by users who simply want to promote your video or your channel on YouTube.

System: Adwords for video

Platform: YouTube

Licence Paid


Below you can check out a budget that I just do. If you want to spread your video, with Adwords for video this information will be useful for you:


That's it folks, if you know any more tool that is effective to spread YouTube videos on the web leave a comment below. Maybe we can test and put here on this post. Subscribe to the blog to stay on top of what happens here in the next articles. If you liked the post, share on social networks, so you help us too. See you in the next post.

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