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10 hardest Super Mario World levels

Super Mario World is a game created for children, so maybe the difficulty of the game does not have such a high level. However, even so, there are some levels that give you headaches, and you have to appeal to those ways to be able to win more easily. I'm talking about flying, or even catching Blue Yoshi, to beat some of them say ... cheating.

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And in this post we will see some of the most difficult levels of Super Mario World. Remember also, that the end of the post has a video talking about this same subject. So if you'd rather watch than read, scroll down to the bottom of the post and click play.

10. Chocolate Island 2

chocolate-island-2-super-mario-world[1]To start our list. This level is not difficult when you pass the first time and know what you have to do to get the key. But the problem is knowing what to do. To get the key, you must enter the first pipe before 250 seconds. Nowadays it's easy, just do a search on YouTube or Google and you easily discover the secret. But do you imagine the headache that the players faced to discover this in 1991? So we decided to list Chocolate Island 2 in tenth place, not necessarily because of the difficulty, but because of the secret.

09. Lemmy’s Castle

tumblr_mbks43qvzU1r3smugo1_500_thumbWhen you get the hang of it, it's also easy. When you've reached this level for the first time, you must have felt like destroying your Super Nintendo because of this disgusting wizard named Magikoopa. The problem is not difficulty of the level but rather, how much magikoopa is irritating. When you find out you can kill him, you even smile, but you are disappointed when he comes back again. Also remember that you need to turn the coins into blocks to gain access to the door that takes you to the middle of the level, but this becomes so challenging that you give up and walk away without reaching check point

08. Soda Lake

soda-lake---super-mario-world_thumb1Water levels are usually more difficult because the gameplay is a weak point of this environment, and with Soda Lake, it is no different. In addition to the controls become heavy, here enemies are many and difficult to escape from them, especially this bullet that is moved by a propeller named Torpedo Ted, launched by this black box with a skull, named Skull Box, not to mention these fish, which are everywhere. At least the soundtrack calms you and makes you less nervous.

07. Roy’s Castle

Iroys-castle---super-mario-world_thumn this castle, you need to follow a platform that is moving. Remembering that you can not remain stopped, if you do, you die. One of the advantages is to be short, because there is no checkpoint and this makes it a bit easier. Another thing you can do is also that famous way to go in search of a Cape Feather, and pass the level flying. So you can escape the fearsome platform.

06. Mondo

Mondo---Super-Mario-World_thumb1Amazing Flyin 'Hammer Brother is key to making you say ugly words. To help, or rather disrupt, has the water level that rises, impairing the gameplay and leaving the mustache slower, becoming easy to turn fish food. The Invincible Black Plants on the ground, called the Muncher, also get in the way when the water level drops. Really to win this level requires a lot of patience

05. Valley Fortress

valley-fortress-super-mario-world_thIn this castle you need to be quick and precise, two qualities that are difficult to walk together. From the side up comes the Spikes: bars of irons at full speed and the ground has many yellow spikes where Mario can not fall. For this, the balance is essential. But what makes a little easier is the fact that the walk is a little short, and how the boss Reznor has been in previous castles also facilitates a little more. This does not prevent this level from occupying the fifth position.

04. Valley ghost House

valley-ghost-house_thumb1The third level of the world seven, follow the same reasoning as Chocolate Island 2, is not difficult because you know what you have to do and can not, but rather the hidden exit. This level takes you two ways: Larry's Castle and Valley of Bowser 3. Finding out where the key is hidden is a problem. But today it's easy thanks to the internet.

03. Larry’s Castle

larrys-castle-Super-Mario-World_thumIt is also located in the world seven. As in Roy's Castle, this level has a platform that carries you and you need to keep up. Here the platform is a little bigger but do not be happy because it is even more difficult. And here it is practically impossible to pass the level flying, in this case you need to pass in normal mode. What eases up a bit is the Iggy Koopa at the end of the stage who is an easy boss compared to the others.

awesome_thumb102 Awesome

And now the second most difficult level of the Super Mario World game. This is Awesome: an ice stage, which makes progress very difficult. This level does not have the check point, so when you die, you need to go back from the beginning which is a problem. The highest difficulty starts in the middle, where Mario is surrounded by enemies like giant bullets, jumping fish, and the little Rex dinosaurs. Because the platforms are slippery, they increase the difficulty of this level even more. One advantage is that you can make your job a lot easier if you have the blue Yoshi  so you can beat the level flying.

01. Tubular

tubular_thumb1This is the most difficult level of the game. First, beginner players will have a lot of headaches to balance in the starting tubes. To complicate your life even more, there are two Chargin 'Chucks on the tubes at the beginning. But the biggest problem comes next. To continue your progress you need to get the Power Balloon, and with it you know, it looks like you have a brick on control so slow that the character moves. In addition to turtles dressed in football gear, which play balls, there are still flying turtles and plants that spit fires. The great luck is that at this stage Blue Yoshi can give you a little help.

As promised at the top of the page, below there is a video talking about this subject. I hope you enjoy:

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