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Top 5, Banner Exchange System

(Também disponível em Português) Before beginning this post, I have a basic explanation of what it is this system. Despite having known a short time, I'm somewhat familiar with some of them and even using this system in some of my other blogs including Old Cartridges. Banner Exchange as the name suggests, is a banner exchange system created in order to help blogger to have more traffic to their blogs. Websites or YouTube channels can also use this system to get more visits, using a little creativity.

Banner Exchange SystemsThe operation of this system may vary slightly from one site to another, but the idea is the same. Once you learn to use one of these sites, with others you will realize that they are exactly the same.

How Banner Exchange system works?

When you register on this system, there are three things you need to do:

  1. 1.
    First: You need to develop a banner that will be displayed on other websites or blogs. Some sites accept different formats, which are: 728x90, 300x250, 120x600. 468x60, others only accept the standard format which is the 468x60. Through this banner is that you'll set up the link to your blog, website or video. When a web surfer clicks on your banner will be redirected to the link that you set up. So it's very important that your banner is visually attractive, to get the most clicks possible.
  2. Second: With your banner ready, just upload to the system and set up your link and wait for the approval of the system administrator. The waiting time can vary slightly between one system and another.
  3. Third: Now you need to earn credits. These credits will be used so that you have visits the link, set up by you, is this link, your website, blog, video or YouTube channel. There are four ways to earn credits with this site. We will discuss each of them?

How earn credits with Banner Exchange System.

  1. First: This is the common mode, available for all of them. You get the html code of the banners in the system that may be in the formats mentioned above and position it on your blog, website or forums that accept htmls codes or javascript. Every time someone opens that page you put this code will generate credits for your account, which will be reversed in visits to your link. This is the easiest way to earn credits if your blog or site already has a good number of daily pageviews.
  2. Second: is the navigation mode, or surf mode, through the website, the system. This feature allows you to earn credits without placing codes on your website or blog. It works more or less like the PTC program (Paid to Click) where you earn by clicking on ads in the system navigation page. But here, every time you view the banners of system members you earn credits, then these credits will be used to spread your links through the web. When you finish viewing the banner, usually the system asks you to do something proving that you are not a robot, this may include fills captcha codes.
  3. Third: Another way to earn credits with these Banners exchange systems, or link exchange is through software that the same systems offer. Not all systems have this software, if your goal is to promote your website, blog, channel, or video using this software is necessary to analyze which systems work with this feature. You download the software, install on your computer, and through it you see the banner of other members. Each displayed banner means more credits to your account.
  4. Fourth: It is also one of the easiest ways, but requires that you already have a good traffic to your site, blog or video. This is the statement of users. On some systems you earn commission claims its gains reported in up to 5 levels. You can also get listed, posting your referral link on forums and social networks. So stay tuned and analyze how you can bring more users to the system through your word.

    These are the ways you can get credits links and banner exchange system.

    What is ratio in Banner exchange systems?

    Ratio is the number of banner views you send verses the number of views you get. For example: If the ratio is 3: 2, you must send 3 banner views to receive 2. In this case, you must ensure that it is no longer advantageous to find a system with ratio 1: 1.

    What are the benefits of using the Banners exchange system or exchange links?

    The main benefits you use Banner Exchange or Exchange Links is the strengthening of your blog in the blogosphere. Your blog, website or YouTube channel will have more access, increasing exposure on the Web, and it can bring numerous benefits to your channel and this can increase to the revenue generated by them.

    When your blog is starting to grow, and you look for partnership as link exchange, banner exchange, you hardly find partners. For those who already have a blog with a lot of traffic you will not want to partner with smaller blogs. And you accepting smaller blogs that your ends up just sending and not receiving the same number of visits, or sometimes an hour to another, the blog no longer exists. Maybe a lot of you have already gone through this kind of situation. So this system is a very smart way to manage this, because it has someone who manages, and banner exchanges happen in a fairer way.

    Similars to Banner Exchange System in Brazil

Here in Brazil, which is quite popular and is very similar to Banner Exchange are aggregators of links. It also requires approval, when you send a link and most of them require you to develop a banner. But has a very smart way to manage access, sometimes you end up sending more visits than you receive, and otherwise never occurs because while you do not send the number of visits stipulated by the system administrator they do not approve your link . One advantage of aggregators of links is that they are Brazilians and for those who have blogs in Portuguese makes it much easier for visitors.

Well, now that you know a little of Banner Exchange systems (or Banner Exchange), we will list below some of them. I will put first those that I like to use.

Followlike is not exactly a Banner Exchange system. This is a social promotion system, but which has the Banner Exchange feature as an option. Although only accept Banner in 468x60 format is one of the best in my opinion. Within the system Banner Exchange option is half hidden, but just look at the left pane at the bottom of the screen, you will find Traffic Exchange, then click to expand and you will see the Banner Exchange option. I am using this system over a year for other tasks and can assure you that is a fully reliable system.

Ratio -> 1: 1
Banner formats: 468x60
Ways to earn credits: Interacting on social networks, likes, views, likes videos, likes pages, photos and posts. Entering Banner on your blog or website.

TrafficG is another system for exchanging banners that I am currently using. Results to being satisfactory. The system stands out from the others by having many registered members, so there will be some banners for you to earn credits and to convert traffic to your link. The site also has additional resources so you can build up the largest possible number of credits.

Ratio -> 1: 1
Banner formats: 468x60
Ways to earn credits: Entering Banner on your blog or website. Through the Surf 4 Credits option, where you can earn credits through your browser viewing banners from other members. Through the software for Windows, with it you can see banners of other members, right from your desktop. Commission percentage by indication of other users.

Zetraffic is the plaform banner exchange, simpler this list. On the control panel you has some features to add your website information and statistics of your campaign. Apparently it has few members. I'm using it too and is competing well with each other. Because of the simplicity of internal options, its use becomes very easy.

Ratio -> 1: 1
Banner formats: 468x60
Ways to earn credits: Entering Banner on your blog, website or forums.

BannerAdExchange is a system similar to TrafficG, but it has some advantages in the banner format. This system has more formats, though its ratio is more disadvantageous in relation to TrafficG. You will see this information below. The BannerAdExchange system gives much importance to the number of clicks you send, not only the number of prints. At least that's what I figured using this platform. If you send a huge number of impressions, but sends no click, the system does not display your banner, or displays a few times. So the advice I give to those who will use this system: Insert the Banner prominently placed as the top or middle of the posts to generate the most clicks possible.

Ratio -> 4: 3
Banner formats: 468x60, 728x90, 120x600 and 300x250
Ways to earn credits: Entering Banner on your blog, website or forums.

Another very interesting system for sufferers looking for partnerships with other bloggers and can not find or sometimes be frustrated by not receiving the same number of clicks send. 1800banners is similar or equivalent platforms already mentioned here: TrafficG, Banner Ad Exchange and Followlike. But in relation to Zetraffic it is very complicated to use and requires a little patience. browse the system options for a few minutes and you will start to become familiar with the tool.

Ratio -> 4: 3
Banner formats: 468x60, 728x90, 120x600 and 300x250
Ways to earn credits: Entering Banner on your blog, website or forums. Commission percentage by indication of other users.

For now it's just guys, if you know other systems you would like to use, recommend it in the comments below. Any questions, praise or suggestions feel free to show us your word. If you liked this post, share it on your favorite social network to help us too. Because you know that one hand washes the other. Thank you for reading this far.

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