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Monday, September 25, 2017

Does Hitleap pay his members?

Hitleap is a system that aims to help its members get more traffic to their sites. The system has software, which is installed on the computer and through this software it is possible to view sites of other members while accumulating minutes. Then you can spend these minutes generating traffic to your blog or website. This is basically how the tool works.

This feature is helping many bloggers who are beginners and need traffic to start to stand out and appear in search engines like Google.

But what I want to talk about here today is the Hitleap affiliate program. The HitLeap affiliate program works just like any other. All you have to do is indicate new users to the platform. So if any user that you indicated to buy minutes you earn commissions in cash for the purchase that your referral did.

does hitleap pay

Does Hitleap really pay?

When you start using the system affiliate program a question you in your head is: Does this system really pay? So to get this doubt from the readers who found this article, I decided to post here the proofs of payments.


As you can see from the image, I already received a total amount of $ 128 through the Hitleap affiliate program. Payment is secure and is done through PayPal.


As you can see, to date there have been 8 payments, the first being on 08/26/2015 and the last on 08/28/2017. So with these images, if you were looking for answers to make sure the system actually paid, be sure now.

Screen Shot 09-25-17 at 05.26 59 PM

If you want to register on Hitleap click here.
That's it then, I'm staying here. Thanks for reading this far. Until the next article.

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