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Top 10 Snes Fighting games

Hi friends from the retrogames community, in today's post I will list my 10 favorite Super Nintendo fighting games. This list is personal and it is normal for many people to disagree with them. Write in the comments your top 10 best fighting games released for Super Nintendo.

10 Dragon Ball Z

We have many Dragon Ball game on Super Nintendo. It is even difficult to choose which one is the best. Comment below, which one is your favorite. I know a lot of people don't like it so much, but the game has a lot of fans that have adapted very well to the game's different mechanics.

The difference here is the special powers of the characters that when used well can define the fights. In fact you need to learn how to use and how to defend yourself. The game is cool and worth playing.Image result for dragon ball z snes gameplay  

09 World Heroes 2

Image result for world heroes 2 snes gameplay

The game had a good quality jump over the first game. The gameplay is very good and we have the most diverse characters with different styles to make everything more competitive.

I love this game that was very successful in arcades and also in rental, perhaps because of its similarities to Street Fighter but also because it introduces its own mechanics very well.

Of course the arcade version is better, but the Super Nintendo version made it beautiful.

08 Fatal Fury Special

Image result for fatal fury snes gameplay

Now a great arcade classic that has received a modest port for Super Nintendo, but which fulfills its role very well. I know some guys will disagree with that, but as I said, it's normal. There are those who love and there are those who hate this port of snes. But to me he is very good and can bring a lot of competition in his battles with the most classic SNK fighters like Terry, Andy, Joe, Mai and Kim.

I think the biggest problem in this game is the commands for the special moves, because some of them give us the impression, it seems that they were made for you not to hit the execution. You often lose rounds trying to make a special move. But then, that's it. Choose your favorite, and let's battle.

07 Samurai Shodown

One game that should be valued more was Samurai Shodown or Samurai Spirits. And here, even me, kind of complain a little, about not having blood in the game. But this time there was no way. None of the super Nintendo versions of the game have blood or finishes, but in contrast, in graphics, music and gameplay the game is very good and we can fight each other exactly the same or at least as close to the arcades as possible. Anyway the game deserves our attention.

Image result for samurai shodown snes gameplay

06 Power Instinct

Arriving at TOP 6 we have Power Instinct. It's the game I called “the lady's denture game” and I think a lot of people know this game as the old lady's game, or they didn't even know that this game had been released on super Nintendo since it's another port of Arcade version.

Image result for power instinct snes gameplay

We have 8 characters all very well balanced. You may think this is more of a fake copy of Street Fighter, but it's not. Although it does have some similarities, the game has a very different mechanics starting with double jumping and almost all characters have special air strikes. The game has good graphics, nice moves and is well balanced which provides great battles between two players. Highly recommended.

05 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Tournament Fighters

Another one that also provides exciting fights is the ninja turtle fighting game. A great fighting game that unfortunately didn't get all the attention it deserved in its day.

There are 10 playable characters. Actually 12 with the two bosses that can be unlocked via code. In fights, strategy counts a lot, as some characters have clear advantages over others. The coolest part is the special moves, which can be activated when the special bar starts flashing.

It's very easy, because the command for all characters is the same. Just hit Strong Punch and Strong Kick and you're done, an overwhelming attack will be delivered.
Good turnarounds can be guaranteed even if the special blow is defended because it can do good damage. Of course it depends on which character you are playing.

It's a great fighting game without a doubt.

04 Mighty Morphin Power Rangers The Fighting Edition

If we talk about Ninja Turtles we also have to talk about Power Rangers. And who remembers that they already did an epic crossover?

Image result for 5-Mighty Morphin Power Rangers The Fighting Edition

The game has nothing to do with it, but it's good to know that both Turtles and Power Rangers were well represented on Super Nintendo.

Here we have 3 game modes being Story Mode, Vs and Trial: Story Mode can only play with two characters, but in versus we have 8 selectable plus a secret boss.

Image result for 5-Mighty Morphin Power Rangers The Fighting Edition

The game is very beautiful has good music and very cool movements. The system of special moves in the game were very well planned and it is very nice to see the fight between the Megazordes. I have always enjoyed this game very much and I'm sure fighting game lovers will love it if they don't know it yet.

3 Killer Instinct

Now with the bronze medal we have Killer Instinct with the great arcade conversion for Snes. Rare surprised everyone when it showed this game to Super Nintendo. Many people thought this was impossible at the time.

Image result for killer instinct snes game play gifAlthough the game had its limitations, but we can not deny that this was a milestone for the console. With the legendary black cartridge the game has a wide range of characters; It has a good story, great graphics, and a great soundtrack, one of the best combos systems ever, and one that impresses even today.

We can say that it was a good mix of Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter and somehow redefined the fighting game genre. It is no exaggeration to say that this can be considered the best super Nintendo fighting game ever released.

2 Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3

Silver Medal for Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3, virtually the definitive version of the Mortal Kombat trilogy. It has had a great evolution over the previous ones and it is also another game that has redefined the genre with its particularities, either with its combos system as good as Killer's or with its various finishes such as fatalities, friendships babalities and everything else.

The characters are charismatic and idolized, and to this day many consider this one of the best fighting games of all time, of course in the arcade version, but the port of Snes has not done ugly and we have championships of it to this day. And remembering that the best player in the world in this game is Brazilian: the great Speed, distributing fatalities to all who challenge him.

Anyway Mortal Kombat 2 could also join this list but I didn't want to put multiple games of the same franchise on this list.

1 Super Street Fighter 2

And after that it is obvious that the first place could only be Street Fighter.

Here we can tie all versions: Street 2, or Street Alpha 2. But for me the best is Super Street Fighter 2 which had improvements in graphics, music, gameplay and even added 4 more characters, virtually every character in the game. became icons of pop culture.

In fact many of this game have become pop culture icon. The game that revolutionized the genre and thanks to it fighting games had their prominent place in the 90s, all fighting games should be very grateful for the creation of Street Fighter because without it probably many games that are on this list would not even exist.

Image result for super street fighter 2 snes game play gifThat was the list of the best Super Nintendo fighting games, if you liked it, share it on your favorite social network, and subscribe to our YouTube channel. Soon we will have more with the best of Super Nintendo.

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