Tuesday, October 1, 2019

How to reach 3 exits in Cholocate Island 2 Super Mario World

Hi buddies, in this post, I’m gonna show you how to get the three exits at the level Chocolate Island 2 In Super Mario World.

One of them takes you to Chocolate Island 3, the other way takes you to Chocolate Secret, and the other just opens a path but you go to the same level.

First exit

The first one is very easy. All you have to do is just play with no worries. This is a more simple path. But this one doesn’t take you anywhere.

Second exit

The second takes you to the level Chocolate Island 3. Here you must grab all the coins that you can in the first scenario. Doing this, the game will take you to a different place. Here the path is not easy to pass if you are not with the feather. So, before being here I advise you to get one.

The next step is entering the pipe and get to the end of the level.

Third exit

Now the third and the most interesting way. This takes you to the Level Chocolate Secret located in the World Valley of Bowser. Here the secret is being fast. Enter the first and the second green Pipe before the timer hits 250 seconds. Doing this the game guides you to the place where you’ll see three charging chucks, ignore or kill them, and get the key, the rest you know what to do.

Ok. now the three paths of the level Chocolate Island 2 is opened. I hope this helps you. For more detail watch the video below:

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