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Sunday, April 3, 2016

TubeAssist, review and complete guide

tubeassist-review-complete-guideIn this video we do an analysis of online marketing tool Tube Assist. A great tool for those who want to share videos with other YouTube users. For those who are starting to make videos or for those who already is some time in the content creation industry either for fun or to raise extra money can not miss this tool that serves as online marketing, making your videos to be viewed by people who are interested in the type of content that you do. What you have to do is get the right people to the category that fits your video and create a YouTube user base and start promoting your work.
The good side of Tube Assist is that it does the hard work of video sharing while we do something else. Share videos with the YouTube system itself is very time consuming and takes a lot of time. But with this tool, this work becomes a lot easier because it makes the hard work for you.


Unfortunately with a free account you can not perform automated tasks. As the picture above says: Campaigns: You can not do automated marketing without being a member who has paid. Take a look at our plans by clicking on the button Upgrade Now! Plans start at $ 19 per month.

Just below you can see a video where you will decide whether it is worthwhile or not pay for a TubeAssist license, and which one has the best value.


Buying any of the licenses you can program the tool to do the following tasks for you automatically:

Comments on videos. You can comment on various YouTube videos. In these comments you can ask users to visit your channel by clicking on the name of your youtube account, or simply share a link to your video. But that was not highly recommend it, if not the YouTube systems can interpret your message as spam.

Shares video or playlist: Ideal for you that have a category of videos grouped in a playlist. This is advantageous since there is a much higher probability of Internet users watch his other videos if he likes the first in this playlist.

Subscribe to other channels: Subscribe to other channels can cause the channel owner you signed up sign the back in his, with that you get another enrolled.

Send message: Send a message directly to the YouTube user. Your message goes to his inbox.

Add to Google Plus circles: Allows you to add users to your Google+ circles.

To sign in or sign up in the system click here.

Uma excelente ferramenta, similar ou parecida com o TubeToolBox

If you already use or have heard of TubeToolBox and or an equivalent tool, you can use the Tube Assist that was made by the same developers of TubeToolBox. The advantage of the Tube Assist is that it does not need a client installed on your computer because you can run your campaigns, direct from the browser running any operating system. All you need is a browser and a simple registration you can do by checking the video just above if you have any questions.

Technical Features

Multiple types of campaign

Choose the right kind of campaign based on what you're trying to accomplish. Then set it and forget it.

Target your Audience

TubeAssist cuts out the middle man and connects you directly with your audience. This gives you your best chance to go viral.


Get Real People Watching

O sistema conecta seu você diretamente à sua audiência. Isso da a você uma chance extra e uma vantagem sobre outros produtores de vídeo aumentando muito a chance de um vídeo seu se tornar viral.

Manage using any Device

TubeAssists runs 24/7 on our servers. No need to keep your browser window open or worry about usage on your data plan.

Keep your Channel Safe

TubeAssist was built from the ground up following YouTube's T.O.S.and runs using their public programming API.

A Trusted Service

TubeAssist is used by thousands of YouTuber's just like yourself. Hear about their experiences on our Testimonials page.image

Watch one more video about this tool.

Update on Tube Assist

In recent months the system has undergone some changes and depending on the type of campaign you will run it takes you to install a plugin in the browser. But the advantage is that the plugin is easy to install.

Send Message and Google+ Campaigns work differently than other campaign types - it requires you to download and install the TubeAssist Browser Plugin and also requires you to keep's website active on a browser tab while the campaign is running.

Instead of running on TubeAssist's servers like other campaign types (meaning you can close your browser window and turn off your computer and the campaign still runs), Send Message or Google+ campaigns run directly from your browser and require to be open on a tab.
If you close your browser or isn't open on any tabs, the campaign will be paused. In addition, you must remain logged into YouTube with the same channel that you are running a campaign on in TubeAssist.
If this is a problem, we recommend opening a browser that you usually don't use (Chrome / Firefox ) and leaving open in that browser and you logged into YouTube with the same channel.

Here are some informations about plugin set up.

2. Then install the TubeAssist Browser Plugin

  • b) Once the download has completed, right click the file in the download bar, select “Show in folder” and then extract the contents of the ZIP file
  • c) Click the Chrome menu icon select "Settings" then click "Extensions" on the left. Check the checkbox "Developer mode", click "Load unpacked extension", browse to the location of the extracted ZIP file, select the "TubeAssist" folder and then click “OK”.
Need Help installing? View its install video below.

3. Refresh the page.

    How to check if the tool is working properly

    In this video I show how to check if the Tube Assist tool is sharing videos with the set campaign.

    Who just purchased the license can get a little lost without knowing if the tool is sending the video set in the campaign. I felt exactly like that in the first month I acquired my Personal license. But now as I'm a bit more experienced with the tool, I decided to make this video to share with you my experience. And this video will show you step by step to see if the online software is working as it should. I hope this video will be useful to you.

    How to get a license?

    If you want to purchase a license for the Tube Assist but failed to do on the site, I left some instructions below for you to guide if you are having some doubts. What you'll need to make the upgrade your license is a PayPal account that has the balance available for the license you want to purchase. You also has a second option, which is to buy through an international credit card. If you do not live in the United States.

    Go to system page, click Login. If you do not have an account, just above you can see how to create one. Click the Upgrade Now button. Choose a plan. If you choose to buy with a credit card, select the option I'm not a robot below. Click, Submit Payment. If you choose to make your purchase by PayPal, inform your, email and your PayPal password and click to access your account, then accept and pay. If everything went right you will get a green confirmation message at the top of the screen. If you want, watch the video on how to do this.

    I hope this post has been helpful and hope you can get to your goal with or without the use of this tool. And if you like this, do not forget to leave your feedback in the comments below and share on social networks by sharing buttons below. Goodbye and see you in the next post.

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