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Sunday, March 27, 2016

What you need to know before using bots

what you need to know before using botsFor those who still do not know I'll give a brief explanation of what are bots. Bots are applications, systems, or programs whose main objective supercharge views, subscribers, likes and comments mainly on videos posted on YouTube. I'll leave here's a Top 5 list, bots to YouTube for when you finish reading this post, give a checked them. Some go further and not only are on YouTube, also covering other platforms videos like Facebook. I will list here all you need to know before you start using these tools. Come on?

  1. Using bots will put my channel, at risk? The answer is yes. Formerly it was not so dangerous to use bots, but now Google's video platform is much more intelligent than in the past and can easily identify a channel that is using bots to take advantage. And if your channel is identified, they will delete your channel for violating community guidelines. So if you are thinking of trying this tool, the advice I give is: Use a channel that you do not mind losing. If you do not have a secondary channel, create one, it is free. If you still want to use with your main channel, use like beer ... enjoying in moderation. And please keep a copy of all your videos, whether in dvds, hd external's, virtual disks, such as One Drive, Drive, Drop Box or on your own computer. If your channel is deleted, you will be able to upload all your videos back to a newly created channel.

  2. How many views and subscribers, comments and likes can I get? This is unlimited. Of course for free members will take a lot to have good results but if you are willing to spend, the result can come very fast. You can get a million views at a bargain price of $ 1200 US dollars paid by PayPal (approximate price varies greatly between one system and another). This compared to video ads YouTube system in which you pay to promote your video is really a bargain. Because to get a million videos from YouTube video ads this value will be much, much higher. But with the difference that at YouTube
    video ads your channel will never be at risk and is completely safe, because guess what? Do you understand now why it is risky to use bots?

  3. How the views are got by bots? Many people think it's robots or software that are giving play constantly in a video. But most of them guarantee, which are views of real people. From what I have noticed in their use, some are even generated by people like exchange system. Exemplifying Followlike, which is not listed above. Another who seems robots that are clicking is View2be, system I used once in a video getting 40,000 views, but by YouTube analytics
    not scored 500 minutes watched. 40,000 views nor 500 minutes, do not seem to be real people watching. The impression I got is that someone or something would click in play, only watched the first few seconds of the video and closed.
  4. If I use bots, I can lose my Adsense account? I never heard reports. I've heard a lot of channels of exclusion. But none of them happened to me. Already used a lot in Sonaje  channel that currently has over 2.5 million views total video. But it's like I said right at the beginning of this post, enjoy in moderation. It was what I did when I used, I admit that right now I'm not using any of them. Maybe in the future I use again. At the moment I know the better ways to get more views.
  5. Can I monetize my videos using bots? Much of the bots allow ads to appear in the videos while running, but admit that a video displayed on the YouTube page has a much greater chance for you to make a click on an ad than on a bot system.

  6. Are there possibilities for me to recover the money invested with bots through advertisements of videos that will be supercharged by bots? No way. If you invest for example $ 1,000 to supercharge your video, you will never get this value through these videos with ad while it is being powered by bot. What can happen is you invest in it using bots, after a while the video will become popular and generating views from other sources. Then yes there are great possibilities to recover the money invested.

  7. Why bots are persecuted by video platforms to point channels are excluded because of their use? Because they are competitors of "YouTube Video Ads" or Adwords, generating competition. If they were found to comply with the rules of YouTube, many people or companies would use bots to YouTube instead Video Ads generating damage to Google's video platform.

    That's it folks, I'm staying here, do not forget to share this post with your friends if you like it, if you have more questions about the use of bots leave in the comments below, in one of these I can even add to this post. Subscribe to our blog, or channel, to follow the next posts like this.

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