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Saturday, March 26, 2016

9 great sites to create intro for videos

Who works with video editing, whether for a company or to post on YouTube knows that a flashy intro is indispensable. However, despite being the shortest part of the video, it is that needs to be the coolest and intuitive as it is from there that the viewer will have the first impression of your work, and everyone knows that the first impression is the that is. In this post I will list some online services to make greats 3D and 2d video intros of quality, some of this sites allows you to send your logo to the intro.

sites para criar intro e vinhetas para vídeos do youtubeYour videos will look more professional and will be the gateway for you to get along with video production. Not to mention that with a beautiful intro your video will look much more professional, and it earns you more credibility your webespectador, and gaining more confidence you know that your channel will gain more subscribers and hence more views. Then follows the list:

1. MakeWebVideo

makewebvideoEnter the site, click Create Video and you will already be able to create your intro. Choose a template, customize, see a preview and get your video in approximately 30 minutes. Unfortunately the price of the intro are very expensive, but you can try it for free! Although the site is not focused on intros but in animations and videos longer than simple intro, you can find a way to create an intro for him. The trick, if you are using this system is to make the video after cut and catch only the first few seconds that is the ideial size for an intro. I made an intro that is below. The video is not as for high resolution in the free option is not allowed. If you want to check it out just click on the play below.

Other styles of videos that MakeWebVídeo, lets you create are also animated videos, widely used by bloggers to display some info product. Very useful also for those who want to submit any company, product or a solution. If you are in any official business and fell in this post because this looking for something, to show the company that you work or some new product that was released, I recommend using this platform. Below you will check a sample made on the site.

2. RenderForest


The great advantage of RenderForest on other sites in this category is that it has many intros free creation options. As not all wonders, it also has its limitations for those who do not want to spend anything. One of it is that the intros comes with a watermark, and you can not download the video in lower resolution with the condition to remove the watermark. You can only download the intro, if the resolution is 720p or higher. And for you to create the video in this resolution you need to pay. I will leave just below an intro I created in RenderForest, so you can see and analyze whether it is what you are looking for. The example is below:

Warning: After the countdown click on skip advertising to be redirected to the site

3. VipID

imageVipid has several intros based intro famous movie, much preferred by professionals who makes animated movies. The price you pay will depend on the quality of the video you want. An intro of 480 × 270 pixels resolution, for example, can be downloaded for free but unfortunately it comes with a watermark of the company. In other resolutions like 640 × 360, 1280 × 720 and 1920 × 1080 are available for $ 1.99, $ 4.99 and $ 6.99 respectively. Just remember that these figures are in US dollars and the site accepts Paypal as payment. In this video I show an intro of VIPID I put on a video I made. Follow the video.

Warning: After the countdown click on skip advertising to be redirected to the site

4. Intro Maker

imageIntro Maker is an online service that offers different intros options. A major drawback of this platform is that it has very few, free options intros. Most of them, have cost $ 5, $ 10 or $ 20. After choosing your intro and upload your logo, the system will request payment. After this the system will send to your e-mail (Paypal), the finished intro.

5. BiteAble

imageAlso online, Biteable is a service that allows you to create your own 2D intros free, free, range, for free. All you need is a register on the site where you enter only a user name and e-mail. Simple like that. You can use all intros available for editing on the site, with a condition: A watermark that is in the lower right corner of your intro. If you want to remove the watermark is possible, but you have to pay. Here below, a video I made with some of them to illustrate here on the blog.

6. FlixPress

imageFlixPress has an incredible string of editable intros. The problem with this system is that the site does not allow sending the logo, but you can write what you want in intros. One of the best tools for those who do not want to spend anything because the free intros are more in number compared to the other services mentioned here. .

There are three options of different services in this portal:. The free, basic and Pro Basic costs $ 10 per video. But the Pro gives you an initial credit of $ 50 in your account that you can use to buy the intros. The price of the Pro intro range from $ 5 to $ 50, although many intros of them cost only $ 2 or $ 3.

Here is a video where I put a free intro FlixPress: The intro goes a few seconds after the video starts.


7. IntroChamp

imageIntroChamp has a wide list of intros. Intros 720 pixels cost $ 7.95, because if you want a better resolution to 1080 pixels cost $ 9.95. The videos are divided by categories: Beauty / Glamour, Break-Out Series, Business / Technology, World Countries, Games / Sports, General Interests, Halloween and more. Choose one of them and start to make your.


8. Animoto

Animoto LogoAnimoto goes far beyond being a site only for creating intros. But you can perfectly use it to create an intro if this is the case. The site has more in order to create short videos with photos or short video clips. If you ever wondered those troublesome slides passing over the screen, you're wrong. The system surprised me as soon as I made the record and made my first video with some of my photos. The Animoto features clips into several categories, namely: SCHOOL KIDS PARTY WEDDING TRAVEL HOLIDAY MEMORIAL. Each category has several themes, making it more difficult one to make the same theme yours. If you just want an intro I suggest you upload two or three photos, your or your brand dependend on what you want. Well, the downside of the system is that, like all others, leaves a watermark on the video and if you want to remove have to pay. I will not give price details here. In return you can download the video in Full HD resolution that is 1080px. I will set an example below the video I made to test the system. Note that great that was. I liked very much. Congratulations to system administrators.

9. FreeIntroMaker

FreeIntroMakerFreeIntroMaker is a simple platform, at least for now. Still have a few intros available and all of them are also very simple, perhaps by the time you are reading this article, the system has already evolved more. So, I recommend if you're looking for something you can enjoy it without having to download anything or having to register. Simple like that. The system also allows you to download the intros without any watermark. To do this you simply share the link of them on Facebook or Twitter and done, you can download your intro for free. I will leave just below in a video, some examples of intros of this portal.

That's it folks, I'm staying here. If you know some more kind of site that you like to use, type in the comments below I will evaluate and put on the list. Thanks for reading the post and if you like it, do not forget to share. Subscribe to the blog to follow future posts. God bless and until next post.

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