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Thursday, October 26, 2017

How to make money with Digital Marketing

Nowadays making money with digital marketing is becoming more and more accessible to many people. Many advertisers want to put their product in the spotlight in an environment where buying on the internet is increasingly commonplace and reaching more people.

This is also good for those who want to make digital marketing a tool to make money, get an extra income and even know to quit the job to work fulltime at home.

Although many people still find it impossible to live in the comfort of home, only with a computer connected to the internet, with all the fun available: Social Networks, Games, Netflix, YouTube, but here who speaks to you is exactly such a citizen.

I started earning my first dollars in 2012 with my YouTube channel: Sonaje. Since then, I've also started writing blog articles and in 2013 I quit where I worked as a computer tech support, and I'm doing it until today.

But working at home can sometimes be a disadvantage. It takes a lot of discipline so you do not distract and stop producing your content. And for you that are starting, or want to start living digital marketing I will give some tips in this article.

how to make money with digital marketing


I suggest you start studying a bit about it. For this I would like to suggest here a great tool on the subject: Google Primer. Is a mobile application that shows you good examples of digital marketing in a very intuitive and fun interface

Affiliate Programs

Adsense is a great tool to monetize your blog. But for those who are starting and still have few hits on the blog it is not profitable. In this case it is necessary to stay tuned in systems that have affiliate marketing. As I read a lot on the subject, many bloggers recommend sites like Hotmart, Lomadee to earn commissions on sales.

Despite not using any of the above, there are some tools that give me a few dollars every month: Followlike, Tubebuddy, ShareYT, Makewebvideo, EasyHits4You and Hitleap I'm looking for more, and remember if you know any more cite in the comment so the community may know as well.

Write articles on social networks

One way to attract audiences is to produce content (in text or video, or even images, or all together) for blogs (Blogger) and video platforms (YouTube). Make software reviews, websites or products and disclose your affiliate link from this software, website or products. So you can make money from Adsense and still earn commission if someone signs up or buys something on the platform you talked about.

That's it folks, I hope you liked the tips. I'm Joninha and recently I watched: This is the kind of video you will create by yourself online

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