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Friday, April 8, 2016

Upload videos from YouTube to Facebook, easy

how to upload a video from youtube natively to facebookHello guys, this video will show you how to send a video is on YouTube directly to a page on your Facebook. Come on?
Just remember that this action is not to share a link on Facebook Youtube but send a YouTube raw video to a Facebook page as if he was sent from the hard disk.
First you will need to install an extension called TubeBuddy in your browser. For this visit the site by clicking here and the home screen you will now see the option to install the extension.
Probably this extension will ask permission from your YouTube account to appear in the control panel of your channel as you can see in the image.
Now choose a video you want to post on Facebook and click the icon of extension located to the right of the thumbnail of your video, then click Post to Facebook.
The next step is to choose which of your pages you want your video to be published. Select the page and click Publish on Facebook. After that, the system will display a message that Facebook is processing your video.
In Facebook notifications, we can see this information, your video will be published very soon.

Here below a complementary video if you still have any questions on how to register in the system. It shows how to sign up TubeBuddy system.

That's it folks, if you have any questions write in the comments below.

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