Wednesday, September 4, 2019

8 Things you can do in Super Mario World but didn’t know

Super Mario World is an amazing game that was very successful in its time and today is still very popular with old game lovers. And in this video, we will check out some things you can do in Super Mario World that you might not know.

1. Kill the saw

If you thought the saws are invincible, you were wrong. They can be beaten, believe it or not, with the ass. I would never imagine that.

2. Kill the Big Bubble

The big Bubble is also another obstacle that we can defeat and get them out of our way. To defeat it wait until it is next to the stairs and then all you have to do is slide the mustache towards it.

3. Kill the boo

You can kill Boo the same way you kill the big Bubble, but Boo has another way of killing it. With the feather, fly, and fall toward the ghost.

4. Save Half level

If there is a level you cannot beat, you can save half level if your lives are running out. To do this, go back, and enter a castle or ghost house that you can easily defeat. After defeating it, the window asking if you want to save or not will appear. Choose "Continue and Save".

5. Play with Mario and Luigi using the first controller

When you choose option 2 Player Game, you play with Mario if you are using controller 1, and your partner plays with Luigi if he is playing on controller 2. But if you disconnect the second controller from the console, you start control Luigi too. So you control Mario and Luigi using the controller 1

6. It’s possible to play the castle stages again

For a long time, I thought it was not possible to play in the castles stages after they are defeated. But if you push the L and R buttons you can play again in a castle.

7. Carry objects while climbing the plants

If you need to bring an object and the only path you have is a plant, don't worry about it. You can climb a plant carrying objects such as P Switch, Turtle Shells, Keys and etc. To do this, throw the object up, and when it falls start to climb the plant holding the Y button. Mario will hold the object while climbing the plant.

8. You Can spin on the fireball

You can spin on the fireball, the big bubble, and the Thwimp. If you've always run away from the big bubble, the Thwinp, and the fireball, learn that you can jump by spinning on them. Jumping over is better than running away, right?

These were the cool things I found out that you can do in Super Mario World. And what about you? Do you know of any others not on this list and would like to share with the community? Feel free to use the comments section below.

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