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5 sites to upload files from the web to Google Drive, One Drive, DropBox

upload web files directly google drive one, dropbox(Também disponível em Português) If you have a slow connection to the Internet, you know that the difficulty to back up your files to a virtual disk is a lot, especially when you need to download a file and to re-upload to these virtual disks that can be Google Drive, Box Drop One Drive and more. But did you know that there are systems that are able to download a file directly to Google Drive, DropBox and One Drive? Explaining better, you do not need to download to your computer and then upload it back to one of these discs. All you have to do is get the download link on the web, open one of these systems that I will list below, indicate the drive for which you want to save your file and ready. Now just wait a moment, and your file will be available in your favorite virtual disk: Google Drive, DropBox or One Drive. So to download to your computer is now much easier, you can even use the sync application that these virtual disks provide. Then try the systems below and see which one better cater to their needs. Come on?

  1. - It is a system that saves your direct web files to your virtual disk as Google Drive, Drop Box, One Drive, Box, Evernote and even to your FTP server in a few seconds. Very easy to download large files, for those who have a slow connection and have difficulty performing this kind of task. I myself have used it often this service and that is why it is listed first. But with some updates we have presented problems in some tasks that I tried to run.

  2. Save To Google Drive - It is an extension for Google Chrome that allows you to save a file that is hosted somewhere any internet, direct to your Google Drive. All you need to do is to click the right button on the link you want to save and choose the Save to Google Drive. To appear this to you, you must install the extension. For more details click on the link extension for Google Chrome.
    However I tried to save a web file and could not. It was a file, hosted on Media Fire server with 359 MB size. The system returned me a message that the file was too big. If you have good feedback this tool comment below to let our community well informed.

  3. Balllon for Chrome (update: This extension doesn’t exist anymore)

    That's it! Balloon with three "L's". This system has an

    extension for Google Chrome and an online version. Using the extension, the use is similar to the Save to Google Drive. Now if you prefer not to install any extension in your browser you can use the online version of the system. So what you have to do is copy the link of the file you want to save, enter the system, paste the link, choose which virtual disk you want to save, give permission for the system to access your virtual disk and ready, basically it . And remember that file I said just above 359 mb I could not save with SaveToGoogleDrive? Well, with Balllon I got. I saved directly on my Google Drive folders. All I did was to study the system a bit and find out a little more about it and everything just working. It seems the Balllon meets well what it promises, but this will of each user's needs. I await your feedback below in the comments section.
    Virtual disks compatible with ballloon are Google Drive, Drop Box, One Drive, Box and Sugar Sync.

  4. Save Web File or Thoaimedia - Very similar to, it seems that does not have a certain name set. And I not experienced this system, but it promises to save a file from the web directly to virtual disks as Google Drive, Drop Box, One Drive. In addition to these more known, the system also saves the I do not quite know what it is, but I think it is a social network (If anyone knows write in the comments here), Picasa (now the business began to get serious ), and YouTube (yes you read!). Now I confess I was a little confused. Picasa I imagine it is to download images. As for YouTube imagine is to save videos. Well, I was thinking here! If this works it should be a good tool to copy videos from one channel to another. Like, you have a main channel and want to make a channel only for backups if your original channel to be deleted somehow, then you could easily create one with all the videos that were saved. Leave your comments below if you think so too.
  5. MultCloud -

    MultCloud Manage your files in several on line drives

If you have account on multiple cloud services like Google Drive, One Drive, DropBox

and others MultCloud was developed for you. Sometimes it is difficult to manage files from one drive to another, because you have to download and upload then. MultCloud makes this and other tasks for you. For example, with the MultCloud you can easily move or copy a large file, or a folder full of files, which are stored in One Drive to Google Drive, or vice versa in a few minutes. Why download a file and send it again? Let MultCloud do the hard part for you. Visit create an account and add your favorite virtual disk profile. All you need to do is click on ADD CLOUD DRIVES and select one. Choose DISPLAY NAME, or leave the default. After that click Add Button. On the next screen click Allow to Continue. Add more disks to work among them, and you will already be prepared. You do not need to back up your files in various virtual storage services, sending several times. Send only once for MultCloud and the system will do the rest for you.

Direct upload to Google Drive without installing plugins or access external sites. is it possible?

Searching tools on the internet I found a small tutorial explaining how to do this. But I tried to do and did not work out with me, for over smuggling Google Chrome browser. So I ended up leaving this hint last. I imagined that the system was slow because it was downloading the file to my disk to do Upload later. But you can try to do so on your computer and if it works you share the experience with us. Here below a brief explanation.
Copy the URL sitei / image / etc. You want to put on Google Drive
Go to Google Drive
Click New
Click Upload / Send File
Paste the copied URL
It is. If it worked for you do not forget to leave feedback. If you liked this article help us sharing on your favorite social networks. Any questions, praise, criticism or suggestions please leave a comment in the section below. Thank you for reading this far, and bye.

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