Saturday, April 13, 2019

Sites to Make Paypal Money

Nowadays, there are many systems spread over the internet that allow you to earn money without leaving your home. And depending on these sites, you do not even have to try hard to get your first dollars. In some of them you may even have fun. And in today's article we will talk about some of them.

If you do not know make the registration and see what you have to do to receive money via Paypal or another payment processor.

1) Followlike

In this system you need to earn coins that you can exchange per dollar (real money). To earn coins the system has various types of tasks and social interactions: Like photos, follow people, share articles etc.
Each task can give you a different amount of coins.
The value of 1000 coins is $ 0.01 cent. It is more advantageous for you to accumulate 100 000 coins to trade for $ 4.96. The minimum amount to withdraw the money is $ 20.00

2) ShareYT

Follow the same idea as Followlike. The two platforms are very similar but each with its peculiarities. In ShareYT with 1000 coins it is possible to trade for $ 1.00. But I still can not figure out if that's an advantage, because getting the coins in ShareYT is a lot harder than in Followlike.
Receiving your payment via Paypal does not take much. Just accumulate $ 2.50. In addition to Paypal, ShareYT accepts another system for you to receive your money: Moneybookers / SKRILL and Bcash

3) HitLeap

It is a traffic generator for websites and blogs. You need to view the websites and blogs of other members through software that you need to install on your computer. Each time you view the websites and blogs of other members you earn minutes that can be converted into clicks for your website and blog.
Unfortunately you can not exchange your minutes for real money. So here, the only way to make money is by telling friends who can buy these minutes if they do not want to be viewing the websites and blogs of other members.
If a member that you indicated bought minutes you earn commission, which can be redeemed by PayPal.

4) TimeBucks

There are several ways to make money on TimeBucks: Cashback systems, answering surveys, following people on Instagram, watching YouTube videos and more.
Enter your Paypal address in SETTINGS, PAYMENT METHODS, and when you reach $ 10.00 or more the money is automatically sent to your PayPal account.

5) Points Prizes

It is a platform more focused on Gift Cards, however, it is also possible to exchange for PayPal credits. Here the idea is more or less like the other platforms mentioned previously: to accumulate points to exchange for these gift cards or credits in PayPal.
To accumulate points you can answer surveys, play browser minigames and other offers available on the site.
Adding 3000 points into your account, it is possible to exchange for a Paypal gift card worth $ 20.00.

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