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Sites like Hitleap, similar or alternative

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HitLeap is a platform to get more traffic on websites and blogs. However, the tool does not work in such a simple way. It is based on a principle in which you have to see or visit other sites and others visit your. Its interface is intuitive and easy to use to attract more visitors. In this way, the more you visit the websites or blogs of other users, the more you will be seen by other users. Just enter the link of the home page of your blog or website and get more visitors and traffic. Well it is very likely that if you are reading this post is because you already know the system. So let's get to it, and list here some equivalent sites, similar or alternative to HitLeap.

1. EasyHits4u

imageEasyHits4U is a website that promotes the blogs or websites and also ads for your users. The system pays commission visits, in addition to having a simple network system, simple traffic exchange methods and various features and marketing tools. The site is in the air since 2003, according to seal the site, and should have an experienced team to develop the platform. It is certainly a great choice for spreading your word.

2. FollowLike:

FollowLike differs from EasyHits4You it has an appropriate option for the type of link you want to spread. For example, if you want to publicize a link that is on your website blog, you choose the Traffic Exchanges option, on the other hand, if you want to show a video of yours, which is on YouTube for the world, you get the option YouTube Exchanges. The same occurs with Facebook (Facebook Exchanges). In the platform mentioned above, you set all this in one place, as in HitLeap. So if you do not know the FollowLike you need to have patience and browse a bit through the site until you find yourself in the middle of the options that are offered to you.

3. ShareYT

 It is very similar to AddMeFast and FollowLike system that allows the accumulation of points. As mentioned platforms you must interact with pages and social profiles of other users to accumulate these points (or coins). When you have points or coins you can insert a link to one of your videos and choose how many points you want to donate to those who watch your videos, like, favorite or comment. So when another user interacts with your YouTube video he wins the points set by you. The ShareYT is a platform that is growing a lot, always with many active users in the system, which is very good, because the more members are major assets are the chances of interaction and thus more points will be earned.

4. 10KHits

image10KHits also very similar and the others already mentioned here, especially with the star, the HitLeap. You must also install a program on your computer to browse the pages to earn points. Focusing on blogs, targeted business websites, online stores, video channels, social media accounts and more. The deal is simple, click the left mouse button on the links of other users and they will do the same for you. The benefits of using 10kHits are real visitors, more presence of your website or blog, Alexa Rank (ranking sites for those not familiar). Increasing profit from your blog or website and totally safe. Create an account on the system by clicking on the link just above.

5. Add Me Fast

The AddMeFast is a very similar system with FollowLike following the same idea. If you are interested in getting traffic to your site you have the appropriate option for this within the site. In the left pane at the bottom you will find the WebSite Hits option, then just click there and follow the procedures that the system prompts. If you want more Twitter followers for example you must choose Twitter Followers. It is very simple to use. The more work it is to get points interacting in social networks from other users within the system. Click on the image just above and visit the site.

6. HitSafari

imageHitSafari is a traffic exchange platform for unlimited visits to your blog or website. If you want to get more movement into your website you can use this platform for this. The good side of HitSafari is that it always points your goal to relevant public. Hit Safari is a great, great platform where you will get many hits on exchange of visits of other users. Click on the image to see this platform.

7. Ebesucher

imageEbesucher is an e-mail exchanges platform besides being a traffic exchange platform. Users of this system are webmaster, advertisers and many others with goals, maybe a little different. One thing that draws attention in this platform is that it is also available to exchange e-mails that works in a way similar to traffic exchange. Ebesucher provides no cost visits if you want. It is certainly a formidable platform to get more out of your blog or website.

8. Tezak Traffic Power

imageTezak Traffic Power is another platform to exchange traffic, just not as similar previous. It provides eleven methods to attract more visitors to your blog or website. The first method is just like the others, you put your link, visit the other and others visit your. To explore other methods, you can make the registration by clicking on the link above to see how the rest works.

9. Start Xchange

imageStartXchange. If your goal is to make more money with your website through more visitors this is one of the traffic exchange platform that will help you. Focusing also on social media this is a great sought to raise your blog or website to the next level. How about navigating the system to feel a little familiar with it?

10. 247 Auto Hit

image247 Auto Hits is more a platform for you to get unlimited visits depending only on the time you have available. 247 Auto Hits, is one of the best traffic exchange platforms. The best of it is that also functions as commission earnings base. Visiting the website or blog to other users, they will earn commission added to the unique visitors to your website or personal blog.

11. AutoWebSurf


AutoWebSurf is an automatic system called AutoWebSurf that redirects the visitor to the blog of its registered users. An advantage over the HitLeap is that this system does not need INSTALLING an application on your computer to browse the Web sites, all you need do is click Start Taffic Exchange, then a new tab will open in your browser and the sites will start load for a few seconds while the credits will be added to your account. The update of the credits, you can track in real time at the top of the screen. It also has a system that helps your website or blog to have a more dominant presence in the Alexa Rank. intuitive interface and the best part: You have the option to register with the Facebook account.

12. Traffic Bunnies

imageTraffic Bunnies is an exchange platform traffics "All in One" that allows its users to have more hits on their blogs or sites following a few simple steps. This system also has features such as: active management, anti-cheating features, it is one more tool to get more visits.

How can we take a good advantage of these tools?

I would say you need to have a little free time. Since visiting other sites may take a while until you get the necessary points in order to promote your link or homepage of your blog or website. In any case if you do not have time to be entering sites of other users, no problem if you are willing to spend because they have paid options where you buy these points, or credits, and can spend promoting its link and without wasting time.

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