Monday, May 8, 2017

Tips to make more money with Adsense on YouTube

Nowadays making money on YouTube only with Adsense is very difficult. The fact that you have to make millions of monthly YouTube views is what makes this process even harder.

And making millions of monthly video views is easy only for those who are already famous. In this case how could we reach millions of views to maximize Adsense earnings on YouTube? Simple, keep reading this post that we will give you some tips so you can easily reach thousands of views without the need for you to be famous.

tips to make more money with adsense on youtube

These tips that we will give you have helped us take our main channel – Sonaje – to the next level and today we have almost 50 M of total video views. And the first tip is:

Speak about famous people

Well, since you're not famous, be patient. The only way out here is to get famous, but while that does not happen, talk about famous people. The life of famous people attracts many curious fans and you can take advantage of this by attracting these onlookers to your YouTube channel. The more you explore what happens behind the cameras of a famous one the more you attract fans of them to your channel who end up becoming your fan too. This way you will increase your video views much faster, also increasing your earnings with Adsense.

Adopt a high upload frequency

The act of posting videos often also helps a lot to maximize Adsense earnings. If you want to make a lot more money with your YouTube videos, post at least one video per day.

Many YouTubers still post videos weekly and this frequency of uploads is very low and this can greatly decrease the profits with video production. So if you want to make more money, try harder to post at least one video every day.

Keep an eye on analytics and observe what is working better

Keep an eye on YouTube analytics and see which videos are generating the most income. This also helps you decide which categories of videos are working best for you. It's much better to have a video with 100,000 views generating $ 20 of income than having a video with a million views generating $ 10 of income. So keep your focus on the category that is bringing more income. In my case it is noticed that football is being much better financially for me.


Advertise friendly content

If you are a content creator you should know that YouTube is in crisis because of the boycott it has suffered from various companies for being accused of displaying ads on unfriendly videos. Because of this, the system is much stricter when we speak about videos that will be good for displaying advertiser products. So be sure to make videos that are Family Friendly, and Advertise Friendly as well, so it is much easier for your videos have a higher income in Adsense

Set the ads up on videos with more than 10 minutes

A lot of people do not know, but when a video has more than 10 minutes it is possible to manually enter places where the ads will appear. Both in the middle of the video, when at the end of it. To do this, go to the editing tab of your videos, then go to the monetization option. In this place you can enter more ad slots that will appear on your video when it's being watched by your fans.


That's it folks, you've checked out my tips for generating more Adsense revenue from your YouTube videos. If you know any more, share with us in the comments just below. And talking about sharing, show this article for that group that you follow on Facebook, so you also help us spread the word.

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