Saturday, April 27, 2019

GameHag–Online Reward System

Imagine winning multiple digital rewards, playing browser games or performing tasks within a system. Did you? In this article I present to you GameHag. An online reward system that will give you multiple digital awards for accomplishing these tasks.

Winning games for your computer and your cell phone has now become very easy thanks to the GameHag system.

All you have to do is to accumulate Soul Gems, which basically works as if it were the currency of the site. With these Soul Gems you can trade for various digital awards that are present in the rewards area of the system.

gamehag online reward system

How to earn Soul Gems?

The site has several types of tasks so you can receive Gems of Souls quickly. My favorite is the indication of friends: by the way let me tell you the code indication code for you that is GH455490 or if you prefer by the link

Another way to earn a lot of Soul Gems is to create videos (which you can upload to YouTube and then share the link within GameHag) and also create articles, which is exactly what I'm doing here.
But friends: do not cheat, articles and videos need to be fresh and yours. You can not copy from the internet, okay? In other words, you can not cheat on any way to earn Soul Gems, if you do, you risk being excluded from the platform.
In addition to the ones I quoted here, GameHag also has other ways to get Soul Gems that you can explore in the "Get More" option available at the top of the page. And speaking of this another very interesting option are the games of browsers. You start the game and complete the tasks requested by GameHag. For example, one of these tasks may be. Reach level 10 in the game EXAMPLE. Reward 100 Soul Gems.
So if you reach level 10 in the EXAMPLE game, all you have to do is give a print of the screen of your computer or cell phone and send the image to the system administrators to evaluate. As soon as it is proven that you have reached level 10 in the EXAMPLE game, you will have earned the reward of 100 Soul Gems.

How to trade my Soul Gems

When you have enough Soul Gems to trade for the prize you crave, simply navigate to the "Collect Rewards" option at the top of the page and choose what you want.

Your Gems of Souls will be charged and then just wait for the system administrators to respond. Remember that the deadline for delivery of some prizes can be up to 30 days, so be patient.
That's it my friends, we come to the end of this article and if you liked it, do not forget to sign up and start earning digital rewards. Do not forget to use the link or code above as a thank you for having helped you.

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