Sunday, April 24, 2016

Tips to get more views and Subscribers on YouTube

Tips to get more views and subscribers on YouTube(Também disponível em português). Hello guys, this video, we will start a series, How to get more views and subscribers on YouTube. To facilitate access to other videos, we are putting them all in one article that you can access by clicking on the first link, which is the description of this video. Come on?
These tips grouped in this series, will not let you famous overnight, but if you follow all of them, you will certainly get to take your channel to the next level more easily. These and other tips that we merge this article helped me get almost three million total video views and 8000 subscribers to Sonaje channel and more than 4 million total video views and over 6000 subscribers to Celebricast channel.
So today, we will talk about video titles. The title of the video is the key to attract more viewers and subscribers.
It makes the user is interested in the video, and clicking on it, you get an extra view.
And this could be a video of you.
Tip number 1. When you are choosing a title for your video, add words to draw attention early in the title of your video, it makes someone read the rest. Usually what draws attention is celebrity names and topics most discussed on social networks and newspapers.

Tip number 2. Remember not to leave it too long to avoid the risk, the YouTube system cut the title when displaying it in the related videos. For example: If I have a video that I would make a magic I put the title as follows: Rare Trick Magic! Do not Miss! Surely your video gain more views than if you put only. My Magic. This is a small detail that can help you attract more viewers and subscribers

Tip number 3. Use something that is more related possible, with the title of your video. If you put a title that is different than the content, will increase the bounce rate of your video, making the youtube algorithm, do not show it in searches.

Tip number 4. Browse subjects most talked about Google and YouTube, and verify that the topics trendings not have something that can be embedded in the title of your video. The link for you to know the most talked about issues of the day are in the description of this video and just below this video in the article that makes up this series.

Tip number 5. Avoid misleading titles. misleading titles can make a real effect in the early hours that your video is in the air, but as I mentioned earlier, increases the rejection rate, the public, and it may even cause the exclusion of your video from the YouTube community. . .
That's it guys, let's stop here, if you have a topic you would like to discuss with us to get more viewers and subscribers to channels leave a comment below. If you like the video click Like. Subscribe to the channel, it has even more tips in this series that we will soon be sending.

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