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Thursday, May 25, 2017

How to make money making compilations on YouTube

After I started doing compilations on YouTube my channel changed from water to wine. From 5 million views It's gone to 50 million views in less than a year. With that the income also increased and much. I'm currently earning around $ 1000 a month with my YouTube Channel: Sonaje.

For those who do not like to appear in videos through a camera or even do not like to narrate videos, know that you can perfectly produce videos. The advantages of compilations are many, in addition to your videos have more views, there are few chances of your video to take a flag for copyright issues, because compilations you only need a few seconds of videos that cover the topic you are talking about. A few seconds of any video, falls on the "Fair Use" license.

Another advantage is that through compiled you can talk about celebrities, which greatly increase the chance of your video having a good audience. And you know, the more exposed your video is, the better chances of you making money from it through Adsense.

how to making money making compilations on youtube

Software you will need

In addition to basic software that you use (Sony Vegas, Premiere and others), you will need some other software to assist you in your work. I will indicate some here that I use. (Operating system: Windows)

  • Balabolka - Ideal for those who do not like to narrate or for some reason do not want to spend money buying a microphone. Balabolka transforms into narration everything you write. It is the famous Text To Speech (TTS) software. With it you will transform your text into audio in WAV or MP3 format. So you do not have to use your voice to narrate your videos.

  • Vdownloader - As we are talking about compilations, you will need other videos from the internet to edit yours. And today the biggest platform of videos of the planet is YouTube, so is where you will download most of the videos from. One great software to do this is Vdownloader. With it you can download videos quickly and easily from YouTube or Facebook.

  • Atube Catcher - This also downloads YouTube videos, but the featured feature of this tool is the recording of your desktop. For producing How to videos, or tutorials is indispensable a tool that will record the screen of your computer. Atube Catcher does this well.

  • Gadwin Print Screen - As the name already says, is software for generating screen images of your computer. Almost the same thing as Atube Catcher, but with images. With it you can print the entire screen of your desktop or print only in a desired area.
  • DivXLand Media Subtitler
    If you want to add captions to your videos, the YouTube system has enough resources to do this. But using YouTube's online system to produce captions, depending on the type of your video can be a lot of work. DivXland Media Subtitler can help you put captions on your videos in an easier and faster way. With it, you'll generate subtitles in SUB or SRT formats and easily upload them to YouTube.

Why does it work?

As I mentioned earlier, compilations works because you're going to talk about something that's already popular, whether it's TV or the Internet. Then your videos will have more views for this simple fact.

The speed you can make your videos also helps a lot. Because YouTube values creators who post videos fairly frequently, compiling is a plus.

So that's it folks, I hope you enjoyed the tip today. Any questions or suggestions, leave a comment just below. Goodbye!

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