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Sunday, May 22, 2016

How much money I have won with YouTube?

How much money I have won with YouTube

Hello guys, this video I will show you, how much money I have won with my various YouTube channels. Currently, I have about 20 channels on YouTube, but I'll just show here 4 that has the most significant figures on earnings. Come on?
. . .
The first is the Sonáje Channel: 2 million views and a total of $ 1,308 of earnings. . .
The second is the Celebrikast: 4 million and 250 thousand views to $ 570. . .
The third is the WebGrana, which you are watching this video. I would say that if this information is useful for you and help you in anything, subscribe to the channel to give us strength. Here you will find tips, tutorials on how to make money on the internet. This channel is focused on online money. If you are thinking of working from home and have an extra income, come with us.
The WebGrana channel has so far 450,000 views and generated an income of $ 257. Note that huge difference with Celebricast channel that has 4 million views to generate $ 570, and this with only 450,000 views made half earnings that Celebricast channel did. This opens another discussion but that is for another video. . .
The fourth channel is TopDicas with 293,000 views, generating an income of $ 160.

The other channels I have, they all add up to about $ 100 in total, they are usually open channels to test or try to post something different or some content that I was wanting to create but did not work out and so on.
The sum of all gives a total of $ 2,395. Considering the 3 real dollar value I would have a total value of actual 7185.
Recalling that this value is estimated. There may be some variation in the calculation more or less.
That's it guys. I hope you liked the content. Share this video and give a like to help us. Thank you to see far and to the next video.

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