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Saturday, May 28, 2016

4 features that would make the Adsense Fantastic

Hello guys I'm Joninha, and we will begin another post here on the blog. Let's discuss a little bit about Adsense.
An indispensable tool for more than 90% of bloggers and many YouTubers, or content creators for those who prefer. Responsible for payments and generate income either through blogs and websites or through YouTube. But really Adsense is already a great tool? No more something we can improve?

4 features that would make Adsense FantasticI, as a user almost dependent on this tool would have some suggestions and how this tool could be totally excellent. This at least in my point of view. I bet if you use it also you imagine a feature that it has not yet. Below I will list some features that do not exist in Adsense, but if there were, the tool would be even better. Let's go then?

More integration with Adwords.

Think how it would be nice if we could transfer the Adsense earnings for Adwords. So we could advertise a product, advertising a website, advertise a channel with money generated in Adsense. Today, in order to do this, we need to withdraw money from Adsense and then deposit in Adwords. With all this transaction we are very badly affected due to the time it takes, and the duties and taxes that we pay. In Brazil for example, this rate does not go less than USD $ 20.00. If there was a way to do this Adsense transfer straight to Adwords, surely this transaction would be much more convenient and fast.

Transfer to PayPal.

Who works with Adsense and Paypal, they know that PayPal bank transfer is much cheaper to make than an Adsense Bank transfer (This for a Brazilian citizen). And because of this simple detail is that would be very nice if there was a way to transfer money from Adsense to PayPal. I imagine that this is very hard to do because PayPal ends up being Google competitor, because as you know there is Google Wallet, which works much like PayPal. With a little luck of us, bloggers and YouTubers, maybe this one day happen.

Adsense credit card.

Imagine how fantastic it would be a visa credit card or Master Card. When you went into a shop, you used this card and the amount spent on the card was directly debited from your Adsense account. This would be one of the coolest features of Adsense if it existed. Maybe it involves many trade issues, perhaps the giant search would have offered this feature for users of Adsense.

Interstitial ads.

For those who do not know are those ads widely used by shorteners links as Usually appears when you click a link to be redirected to another page or to downloads. I'm not a fan of these types of ads, but perhaps it would be very useful for those who still earns little on Adsense and perhaps this would be a good resource to implement more things to the system. Unlike Pop Up, Pop Under and similar types of ads, interstitial ad is not as uncomfortable as well. I also believe very little Google Adsense implement this feature in the future, as the company cherishes the good user browsing experience, and Interstitial ads are much more aggressive.

That's it guys, these would be the features that are missing for the Adsense be wonderful, in my opinion. And you? In your opinion, what resources Adsense have needed to be fantastic? Leave your comment opining below. Did you like the content? Help us spread it by sharing on your favorite social network. Until the next post.

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