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TubeBuddy: The best SEO Tool for YouTube

It's an extension for Google Chrome and Firefox that helps you perform various tasks within your YouTube channel. These include:
  1. Bulk annotation on all your YouTube videos.
  2. Create an Animated Gif from a YouTube video of you.
  3. Create online thumbnails for a video from your channel already uploaded to YouTube.
  4. Create a copy of your video from YouTube to Facebook. Not link, or share. Your row file video goes to Facebook (profile, group or page) as if you had uploaded to Zuckerberg Platform.
  5. Create Tags to improve the ranking of your video and be found. If you never got tag ideas, this is great for you.
    This is some of the features of the TubeBuddy tool, but there's still more to it. Check it out.
  6. Analyzing other channels and comparing growth with your channel.
  7. Allows you to view and copy tags from any YouTube video, so you can use it on any video of you.
  8. Allows you to write anything in a video description, and automatically replicate to all videos on your channel, without the need to delete what is already written in the description of these videos.
    what is tubebuddy and what is it for

The YouTuber Tool

If you make videos for YouTube it may be that when you go to the video management area, you feel that something is missing, you can be sure that it is TubeBuddy. This tool makes it easy to perform the basic tasks you do in your videos. For example, with the YouTube management system, you can not add a note to multiple videos at once. Tubebuddy does this regardless of how many videos you have and all at once saving your time and effort. In short, you can enter a note by promoting some product, or even an important video from your channel, across all videos, doing it only once and replicating to the other videos. Liked? Get to know the tool.
Tubebuddy is just one of 13 Tools that all YouTuber should know.  Below you can see a video in which I show a feature of TubeBuddy.

Is TubeBuddy reliable?

imageThis is a question that most YouTubers ask themselves before they start using this tool. Most content creators are wary of this tool because of the many bots that are popping up and the news of big YouTubers using bots, and people losing channels etc. But do not worry about that. Tubebuddy is not a bot. The system does not work with sales of views, sales of subscribers or likes. So yes. It is completely reliable, and you can install in your Chrome browser with complete security and reliability.


To install TubeBuddy in your browser click on the download option below and be redirected to the developer's website. On the page you will see the installation option.


TubeBuddy is free?

Now that you know more about the tool another question that may arise is: Is TubeBuddy paid for or free? Well let's answer this question.
Yes it's free. But for the free license it does not have all the features released. Depending on the type of task you need, nor is it necessary to acquire a license. This extension for Chrome is divided into 4 types of licenses that we'll detail a bit more below.
  • Free License: Many features you can use for free, without the need to spend anything to use the tool.
  • PRO License: $9.00 per month. With it you have access to more productivity features and video optimization tools.
  • STAR License: $19.00 per month. This license also frees up tasks you can do in bulk. Ex: You put something on video and it automatically replicates to all videos in the channel.
  • Legend License: $39.00 per month. All the Features of the tool available for you to use.


You can still get some discounts and pay cheaper if you decide to purchase some of the paid licenses. You will get discount in some of the cases below:
  • Your channel has less than 50,000 views: That's right, if you're still starting, your channel is small you have a discount on the licenses
  • You will pay annually: Another benefit of paying per year is the cost benefit. You will pay 12 months at a time, but the final price will come out cheaper.
  • You have more than one channel: If you have more than one channel and want to use both, you also have a discount if you're going to buy more licenses to use on other channels.
  • You are a MCN Network Partner: Here I have good news for you. If you are part of any Network you can have up to 100 percent discount depending on the Network. That's right. All features released and for free. Tubebuddy has partnered with MCN Networks and if your network is one of them, you can have all of this tool for free. Check with your Network MCN, sending an email for support or checking in the management console.
  • You have a non-profit channel: If you have a nonprofit channel, which produces content for the benefit of society, you also get a discount on the purchase of one of the licenses.

Other Advantages

Tubebuddy is a system that has partnered with other tools, and by purchasing a paid license from Tubebuddy you can get discounts or free license of these tools. More details below.
  • Totally free access to “Audio Hero”. A system of music and audio effects for you to use in the production of your videos.
  • Free access to “Jukedeck”. Another system of sound effects and music to aid in the production of your videos.
  • 33% discount on “3PlayMedia”. System for automatic creation and production of subtitles for videos.
  • 25% discount on “Epidemic Sound”. Multiple songs for you to use background in your videos.
  • Free access to “TuberTools”. Visual effects system for video production.

Worth it?

The YouTube usage profile can vary greatly from user to user. Some are more advanced and others are more laymen. For the more advanced a free license can be very useful, depending on the type of task he performs on Youtube. So it can have a lot of functionality without spending anything. It is more recommended for those who are starting, because at this stage the channel generates little (or not generates) income. So, as you grow and need the other features, you can think of spending a little to get a license a bit more advanced.
If you have a profitable channel, or even already work full time on YouTube, then I advise you to invest more, because the more productivity, the greater the return that your channel will bring you. You will produce more in less time and consequently earn more. In this case, I suggest that you invest in a license, because in this case it is very worthwhile.

License for free

imageIf you do not want to spend money for any reason, you can still have a Star or a Legend license. For this, all you have to do is to become an affiliate user and try to bring more friends as you can to install Tubebuddy.
  • Get 50 people to install TubeBuddy and you can apply to become a VIP Affiliate
    40% Commission
    No minimum payment
    1 Year free Star level upgrade for yourself
  • Get 250 people to install TubeBuddy and you can apply to become a Super Affiliate
    50% Commission
    No minimum payment
    Free Lifetime Legend upgrade for yourself.
If you liked the idea, start to spread your affiliate link on Facebook, Forums, YouTube and other social networks. Let all of your friends get to know about this tool.

Special Thanks

Thank you that you have read so far. I hope this article has been very helpful to you and that it adds more to your activities. Any questions leave your question below in the comments as soon as possible I will answer them. If you find this article helpful, help us spread the word by sharing in that group that you exchange ideas about YouTube or video production. Thanks for the attention and until the next article.

I wrote this article using the Google translator. Thank you Google for offering us this beautiful tool.

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