Saturday, April 27, 2019

How to make money solving CAPTCHAS CODE

One thing I discovered today and honestly I did not know about: It is possible to make money by solving CAPTCHA codes. That's right you read. It is possible to earn a little money by entering the texts and confirming the Captcha codes that you see on the form filling websites. And what you have to do you will learn in today's article.

How to Make Money?

This site has works with reward based on coins, which works as if they were points. Every 1000 points (coins) you can trade for $ 1.00. Based on this you need to earn these points.

This is exactly where you come in solving the Captchas. Each captcha you solve, you earn ½ coins. So by solving 2000 captcha you get 1000 coins that can be exchanged for $ 1.00 dollar.

Getting started is very simple:

First you need to register on a site called ShareYT. Fill out the registration form as you see below

Once you have registered, confirm it by e-mail, log in and navigate to Earn Coin and then Captcha Solving, as shown below:

Now you're already earning Coins, just write what the code represents in the field then click Submit, or press Enter. Also remembering that this may take a while for you to accumulate the 1000 coins, so it is advisable that you explore other ways to earn coins within the site, since solving captcha is not the only way to earn coins.

How to receive the money?

Just go to Cash, then Cash Out. But for you to receive you must have at least 1000 coins.

ShareYT pays via PayPal, Skrill / MoneyBookers and BKash. Choose where you want to receive and be happy.

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