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Amazing Tools to make money online

From the moment I received my first work pay made for the internet I made up my mind that making money on the internet was impossible. I remember the month and year: April 2012. A little money but for me it had a lot of value: 89.00 dollars of videos that I made, and I still do for YouTube.

Since then I have not stopped and this value slowly increased. Not that I am earning a salary worthy of a worker but if GOD wants I still get there. Currently I am gaining an average monthly value of about $ 2000.00 with only a computer, internet, cameras and some softwares. We can say that for me this is very good and, it is something that gives me a lot of courage to do and increasingly I dive into this digital world.

If you have a profile similar to mine, some of these ways (of making money with internet) that I will show here may even be useful for you as well. Then go:amazing tools to make money online

1) TimeBucks

With this platform you can earn money by answering surveys, following people on Instagram, with cashback system, watching videos, indicating friends etc.
To receive your profits you only have to reach $ 10.00 and request the payment that can be made via Paypal.

2) G2A

It is a platform for buying and selling games in digital media format. If you have or participate in any Facebook group about games that have many members there is a great chance you can make money selling games. I also recommend for those who have blogs or games channels on YouTube that have many subscribers, because then it will be easier to sell allowing you greater chances of good commissions.

If you want more information about the G2A affiliate program, I recommend you see the article How to make money selling games, in it we give more details on how you can use this affiliate platform to make money.

In this platform we have two forms of earnings.

  • The first is selling games. Where you earn a commission for every sale you make.
  • The second is referring users. By doing so, you create a team of up to three levels and when your team members sell you also benefit from it.

3) EasyHit4you

It is a tool for traffic exchange with a main focus on the dissemination of websites and blogs. To make money from this tool there are two basic ways:

  • The first one is to view the pages of the members registered in the site. Viewing a thousand pages earns you 0.30 cents. To view each page you spend around 15 seconds.
  • The second is referring users. By doing so, you earn a commission for your referred assets on the platform, but remembering the more active your referrals are, the better for you. One cool way to get enough referrals in EasyHits4You is by doing tutorials explaining how the tool works. You can explore this, both making videos and texts talking about this tool.

5) FollowLike

It is a multiplatform marketing tool that serves to spread facebook pages, blogs, YouTube videos and many other social networks. The system works with coins. You must accumulate as many coins as you can get. When you accumulate 100 000 coins you can exchange for real money, which in this case is US dollars. These 100 000 coins can be converted into the system for $ 4.96

To accumulate coins is quite easy, but a bit laborious. All you have to do is interact with other social networking profiles, liking photos from Instagram or Facebook ... following people on Twitter ... commenting photos on pages ... visiting blogs or websites ... watching videos from other YouTube users and so on. To receive the payment you must accumulate an amount of $ 20. By accumulating this amount a transfer is made to your Paypal account automatically.

6) PlayFulbet

It is a betting system where the goal is to accumulate Coins. You can bet on various sports categories including soccer. If you bet on a team and it wins, you win the stake. That simple. But betting is not the only way to earn coins, you can also earn coins by telling your friends to sign up for the site, you can earn coins by watching videos, and by visiting partner sites and ads. The more coins you accumulate the faster you can trade. For example adding 1 600 000 coins you can exchange for 30 dollars and receive via Paypal. In addition to the money you still have several other prizes that you can exchange, such as gems in games such as Clash of Clans and Clash Royale, X-Box live Gold and Psn (PS Network), Steam credits to buy games and much more.

7) eBonusGG

To start making money on EbonusGG you need to reach level C, which can be reached by referring 250 friends. However, you can not convert your points to real money, but by digital prizes such as Gift Cards.
The tasks that can be done to earn points are: Online games, surveys, referring friends.

8) InboxDollars

imageIt is a system that has several forms of earnings including answering surveys, playing online, reading emails that the system sends you. Very interesting system for those who have some time to do these activities.

1.Acumulating $ 30 you already qualify to receive your payment that can be sent to your Paypal account.

If you are looking for tools to make money online InboxDollars is a good request and can be another form of extra income for those who are good part of the time connected to the internet.

Remembering that only by registering in the system you already earn $ 5 dollars.

9) Make videos for Youtube

My favorite gain form. I have several channels on YouTube that are monetized allowing me to receive Adsense. My biggest channel is the Sonaje, a channel where I put compilations and curiosities of celebrities. With this channel I earn a monthly average of $ 2000. It has 100M video views, maybe when you read this post this number will be much higher.

Another channel I have is Portal Music Cover where I post videos of my songs and my friends. With it I get an average gain of $ 35 dollars. Besides this two I have others, that the gains are much smaller still due to low popularity. They are: TopDikas, Web Grana, Old Cartridges, Gossip Top and some more.

All these other channels generate income from Adsense. Below is the dollar amount of my last Adsense payment. A print with the value of $ 2,489

imagem ganhos adsense

10) Blogs

Blogs are a good way to be able to earn a few dollars in Adsense. But if you are thinking about starting a blog, keep in mind that until it starts to make you profit it takes a lot of dedication.

Platforms like Blogger and Wordpress, allow you to start your business without spending a dime. Book an hour or two of your day and start writing about something you enjoy. If you can post at least 4 or 5 articles for weeks, it is probably more or less in 6 months that you will see a few tens of dollars in your Adsense account.

Although you do not need money to start (just a computer with internet access), you need to study the platforms a little, see some tutorials on how to blog, see which platform (Blogger / Wordpress) is best to meet your needs and put your ideas on paper, or rather, on the screen.

Combining your ideas with media such as text, images and videos your posts will attract a loyal audience. From there, you start to make money.


11) RevenueHits

It is a system similar to Adsense, that is, you register on the site, enter the options of banner creations, generate an html code and puts it in a strategic point of your blog. The system has the same traditional sizes as Adsense: 468x60, 728x90, 300x250 and others.

I've used Revenue Hits to monetize my blog one of my blogs for several months. The system has few advertisers yet, so I decided to use only one banner in my blog, because if I used more banners the same advertiser was going to be displayed in several banners and this is not appropriate.

The system has very aggressive ad features. What do I mean by aggressive? It's the fact that you get into the blog and wherever you click opens pop-ups. This is very good for generating income. In a test that I did with this mode of aggression gave to generate 8 dollars in a month that I did the test, in this period the blog was with an average of 800 pageviews per day. If you want your reader to have a friendlier navigation without worrying and bothering with ads you can set up a less aggressive thing, but the gains will be lower.

In what situation do I recommend RevenueHits? I used this system on my blog because Google Adsense ads were disabled for this blog due to some games that I put to download. So I'm using this system as an alternative way since I can not use Adsense for now. So if you are in the same situation as mine I recommend that you use this system, otherwise it is better to continue using Adsense yourself. But if you want to use the full earning potential of the tool to make more money, it might even be a better option than Adsense, but keep in mind: Exaggerated use of ads on your website or blog can increase your bounce rate. reader, and if this happens, it may fall into the Google rankings. Everything is worth the test and the experience. Try it slowly, and over time find out what is best. For those who are looking to increase the range of affiliate systems to make more money can be a good request.

Recalling that there are several other platforms similar to Revenue Hits including:

12) Buying and Selling sites

Tyrone-buy-and-sellI'm pretty sure, at this very moment that you're reading this article, there's something you do not use any more, but that may be helpful to someone else. You can say no, now, but you have. I'll give examples of some things. Old or rotten notebooks that you're not using anymore, cell phones with broken screens, an old computer, a book you've read and have no intention of reading any more.

Then you ask me, but who in their conscience is going to buy a spoiled product? Yes my dear, I have even sold spoiled things on buying and selling sites like Ebay, or Facebook Buying and Selling Groups. I'll give you an example of people who would buy a product of your own. A cell phone maintenance store. For you that cell phone no longer serves, but for a shop that works with maintenance can even remove parts and put in another to make money with repairs. So grab all the things you no longer use and enjoy that you are in no hurry to sell and advertise for a good price. Well in buying and selling sites is the place where there is always someone who will want to buy what no longer serves you.

Another way to make money with buying and selling sites is when some friend of yours wants to sell a product below the price because it is in need of money at that moment. Often we do not buy the product, because that product does not interest us even at low prices. Then the time comes for you to make a good deal.

Offer a lower price yet, get the product and then sell it for a higher price. Stay tuned to local buying and selling sites, or even Facebook groups, where you can purchase something for a buddy price and then resell this product for a higher price. It's a great opportunity to make your first sales and become a business expert.

That's it guys. These were the ways I use to make money on the internet. If you liked the post then subscribe to the blog to receive the next posts. If you know of any other way to make money on the internet that you use leave a comment below and if it is useful I attach your idea in this post. Do not forget to leave your feedback and see you in the next article.

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