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Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Spaces is the new Google Social Network

Spaces is the new Google Social Network

It seems that Google is investing in a new social network. The name: Spaces. You can now access and create your profile.
Since the creation of Google+ when it was given the withdrawal of the Orkut that Giant searches tries to compete with Facebook in social networking territory. But this battle has not been easy for Google since Facebook has dominated since Orkut died (At least here in Brasil and India Orkut dominated)
Everything indicates that Google will also give up, Google Plus, because some services that were of this social network, are becoming independent. At least that's what I've noticed. For example, Google+ pages have become Business and you can access them by address. Looking like a more targeted service for businesses than for home user.
Another service that also became independent of G + is photo service which now has its own domain: I'm imagining it will not be long before Google also put an end to the G + especially now with the creation of Spaces


I do not know to say if it's because the project is in early stages yet, but Spaces is much like the G + only changing the name. But let's wait to see the scenes of the next chapters. Does Spaces is coming to compete as equals with Facebook?

Frankly I support this to work. Because Google is much more advantageous for bloggers than Facebook. There are several integrated tools, and Google Spaces become very popular indeed we bloggers will take much advantage of it.


That's it guys for today only. Leave your opinion here. Will this new Google network will be a success? If you liked the post share on social networks. Goodbye!

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