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Friday, August 16, 2013

Everything comes from China, Except babies

Good afternoon comrade
Oh comrade good afternoon, are you ok?
I am fine thanks end you?
I am fine too,
Comrade, will it snow?
Oh! Comrade I think it will snow. It's too much cold, isn't it?
The south is too much cold comrade
It is true comrade!
and tonight it will snow too.
It will snow,
If we don't drink hot drinking, maybe we catch a cold.
A cold, that we catch here in south
Oh! what!
I was thinking.
Nowadays, everything is made in China, is not true?
Comrade, but where are the babies made comrade?
The babies are not made in China comrade
It is true comrade
the babies are not made in China, but they are made in VaChina

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