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Monday, May 9, 2016

YouTube, How to turn haters into fans

(Também disponível em Português) Who makes video to YouTube know that haters bothers many people. It is inevitable to make videos for YouTube and not attract any hater. Many YouTubers know how to deal well with them, others not so much. Many YouTubers end up being harmed in various ways for them to be in demotivation or even invading the YouTube channel of who they hate. We had an example of this occurred a couple of months ago with the girl's CarecaTv channel. For those who still do not know the girl's story, I will explain here quickly. The little girl has cancer and decided to tell his story in video diaries. The success of the girl was so much in a short time several videos were to viral. It did not take long for a jaundiced discovered the password girl and remove all her videos along with the channel.

Frankly I do not understand what such a person has in mind to do an act of this kind.

YouTube, How to turn haters into fansFortunately many, was touched by the story of the little girl. famous YouTube channels told what happened, TV programs. So with all this support she decided to create another channel, and to despair of those who made this mess, the girl's channel came even stronger. Glad you had a happy ending in this case what was to be an obstacle was to an incentive.

Here below, the first video channel. If you do not know, hit the play to run the video.

Is there a way to turn haters into fans?

Yes. Of course, you will not be able to convert one hundred percent of your haters into fans, but you will do so with many of them.
First we have to assume that all your haters are already your fans. Usually because you can do something better than them. Usually this thing is something that they like, but for some reason they can not do. This reason may be lack of knowledge, skills, or other things. But they hate the idea that you can do and they do not. Based on experience from posting videos to my Sonaje channel, I will list here some things you can do to convert haters into fans. Come on?

Try not to bother with bad comments they make about you and your channel.

You need to put in your head that the only person responsible for your success or failure is yourself. So if you stop making videos because of a hater, you have determined that people who do not even know was responsible for your withdrawal, and it is not worth it.

Do not act like them.

Unlike the haters, you need to stay calm and respond to comments in a polite manner, even if this comment is insulting you. You must want to see the side that answering the hater, he may realize that you are paying attention to him and treating him politely if he feels that got your attention can turn on your fan. Your videos can also have more engagement when you answer a hater.

Finally and most importantly,

Show how you produce your videos.

If the haters do not like you because you do not have enough skills to do what you do, then give a little help to them. Show how you do your videos with short tutorials on your channel. Tutorials are good to attract the audience then you will come out winning twice. The hater, will continue to follow your channel to learn more to make content like yours and so will end up turning your fan.

How about you? You have learned how to deal with your haters? What do you do when a hater appears on your channel? You have a different way to treat them? Write below in the comments and your idea may appear in this article. I hope you enjoyed the post. Subscribe to the blog to stay on top of what happens here in the next posts. Help us also share this to your friends on your favorite social network. Goodbye!

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