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Sunday, May 29, 2016

Why shouldn’t we let G+ die

Why shouldn't we let the G  dieHello guys, I'm Joninha and we are here for another discussion. Despite knowing that the G + already has its days, I will book a small space on this blog to discuss how bloggers are losing this. It's a shame that this powerful tool, has not grown and become too popular on the Internet, as if this had happened, bloggers and youtuber have more readers and views because of this integration that these tools have. For example, when it launched the YouTube comment system was fully integrated with the comments system G + allowing for greater dissemination of videos for YouTube videos also mark more web presence because of G +.

Integration services

These integrations are the features that make the most practical services and spreadable the web since Google (search system) also explores G + platform content, making your own text, photos, videos are easily found on the web.

System Comments

The feedback system, this platform is also very interesting, even though he has not yet moderation of comments (and I do not know if the system will get). You can implement the G + comment system into your blog in a very easy way.

Sharing in posts panel

The panel of posts within the blogger platform, you can easily share your post on your G + page greatly facilitating the act of spreading the word

That's it guys, I'm staying here. These are some of the reasons why we should not let the G + die. But if this platform is going to die, I imagine that Google is already preparing something better.

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