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Saturday, June 15, 2013

Super Mario, Gameplay, cover and funny faces

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Do you want to see a crazy gameplay? Then click on the play. I mean really crazy not because of the player who plays well because the player himself is very bad. I say because of additional video details. In this video I do a cover of the soundtrack of one of the first stages of the game Super Mario World (Nintendo) and play the instruments as the video progresses. I also, made in the instruments , all the sounds of this vídeo: Main figure, enemies, yoshi etc. The result! A cute video with funny faces and more. Hope you enjoy!
The most famous video of
Sonaje Channel on YouTube over 300,000 views on YouTube, was posted on several popular brasilian blogs like Ñ intendo and Gostei Disso. It was about 20 hours of editing without counting the time to test the sound came out the best. It is considered the best video published on sonaje channel yet based on Statistics of comments and ratings.



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