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Thursday, June 13, 2013

10 Reasons to date a ugly guy

1 - He will always be by your side
The first thing a woman cares is: Is the guy going to be faithful. The ugly man has more than a 90% chance of being true, compared to the handsome man. The reason is obvious, the competition is 90% lower.
2 - Beauty is not everything
The ugly people may not fit the standards of fashion, but be sure, they have other qualitiesl, after all love doesn't grow because of the beauty. This person will be more attentive, cool and even better in bed.
3 - He will spend more time with you
The ugly men are less egocentric. Have you ever noticed that the beautiful ones are more concerned with passing the gel in the hair and spend less time with the girlfriend with the ugly guys the girls will not worry about because they are more dedicated to you, the thing is, they don't want to lose you.
4 - Relationship is 100% safe.
What happens when you have a fight with you handsome boyfriend? He goes to party, gets drunk and kiss other girls all night long. The ugly does everything to the relationship back to normal, and peace always prevails.
5 - You will always be happy
The ugly will make your self-esteem boost, because no matter if you gained weight, or if you're with messy hair, finally they will always find you the maximum

6 - For you it's easier to end a relationship
If he cheat on you, which is impossible, it is easy for you to kick his ass because He is ugly.

7 - No concern on social networks
You won't need to be searching things on his profile, reading comments on the pictures, because you will hardly find a teaser.

8 - They will help you in household chores
Ugly men are more concerned with household chores and less with their appearance. The opposite of handsome men.

9 -You don't need to worry about his call records
If there are any unidentified number on his mobile, be sure, that was a mistake because women don't call ugly man.

10 - The ugly boys are more generous
If he is ugly will be more generous, he doesn't want disappoint you because they know it will be difficult to find another.

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